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Questioning My Wedding Dress

Le 3 November 2015, 09:43 dans Humeurs 0

 I keep wondering if I made the right choice with my wedding dress, and I don’t know what to do! I bought my long prom dresses uk about one month ago, and I know I love it, but I keep wondering if I shoudl have gone with something else. I feel like it also missing some aspects that I would love to have, like lace. Now I keep looking online at other dresses, and know that I should stop, but I can’t help myself. Has anyone else experienced this, and have any advice for what to do?

It was actually the very first dress I tried on, but I went to a couple of other appointments and also fell in love with a couple of other dresses after it. So although I loved the dress the very first time, it was a very hard decision in the end between 2-3 dresses. The store where I bought it also offered me $100 off for just 2 days after I had the appointment, so I think I felt a little pressured.

They also recommended that I order 5″ extra length on my dress (I am 5’11.5″), but I am worried about how that will change the dress. I kind of has different layers in the skirt (I don’t really know how to describe it well- see pic), so I am afraid that the layers will fall lower down than they did when I tried it on. (It was just about the perfect length with no shoes, but I want to wear low heels (about 2 in), so they reccommended the extra length). But because 5″ is so much, I’m afraid it will throw off the look of the skirt. I think this is a big part of where my doubt started.

I felt pretty good about it for a couple weeks, then had a big freak out last week, but eventually felt better about it. Then while looking for bridesmaid dresses online today I saw a random add of of a dress that had a sheer lace back, and it made me wish I had something like that. Before I knew it, I was searching all over online again.

These are some other onese I love the look of that are making me question if I bought the right dress:


The one thing that I know I have to have is a big skirt, preferably tulle. Now I’m wishing that I had some lace too, maybe a lack back in combo with the big skirt- but I haven’t found this. I feel like my dress is missing a little bit of the romantic vibe that you get with lace.

I generally am horrible at making decisions, even simple ones like where to go to dinner, so a big purchase like this is really rough for me. 

I also live in California, but my family, the wedding, and the store where I bought the dress are all in Washington, so it’s not easy for me to just go try it on again or to even talk to my family about it. My mom said that I made a decision and that I need to just go with it- not helpful to me.

What shoudl I do? Should I call the store and see if they can mayble hold off on the dress for now? I’ll be home in 1 month for Thanksgiving, so I could go back and try it on again then. But that opens a whole can of worms about if I would start shopping again or not, and all the new decisions I would have to make. If anyone has any thoughts on my dress vs. some of the other links or what I described with a lace back I would really appreciate it! Or any advice on how to feel more confident in my decisions and stop questing everything would be wonderful! I need some unbiased advice from people who are not involved in my wedding.

Sorry for the long post. All of the thoughts that I have been trying to push down for the last couple of weeks are coming out all at once.

Lightweight White Bridal A-line Wedding Dresses

Le 2 November 2015, 09:19 dans Humeurs 0

Lightweight white bridal a-line wedding dresses uk for romantic summer beach wedding. Halter Plunging sleeveless bodice accented with cowl neckline and sexy open back, floor length skirt with sweep train, soft quality, accented waist.

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Discount Bridesmaid Dresses In Black Style

Le 30 September 2015, 03:21 dans Humeurs 0


Beautiful black chiffon Empire A-line floor length long bridesmaid dress, cross over draped V-neckline.

Black Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses, strapless semi-sweetheart bodice, lace overlay stretch lining. Back zipper closure.


Black organza pencil skirt with sheer gathered organza overlay, boat neckline with wide sheer organza straps at back, black ribbon belt with beaded applique at natural waist.



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